BPC™ E-Learning

E-learning is what we do - from fully customised courses for multiple devices to rapidly developed and ready-to-go content. We've developed over 800 e-learning courses, in Brazil, on every topic imaginable. Now available in the US.

If build content in-house is more your style, we can help there too: our platform will manage your content and make it easy for you. We can train your team, and of course make your content available for your target public.

Mobile, Multi-Device Learning
We live in a multi-device world. E-learning needs to work everywhere: desktops, tablets, smartphones - wherever you need.

Our E-learning platform works on all devices and responds intelligently to the user's device. We build the plataform once and you can use it everywhere. Simple, integrated.

E-learning as a Service (ELaaS)
E-learning as a Service (ELaaS) is a platform that provides a comprehensive range of learning and teaching services to staff and clients / associates remotely over the internet (e-learning). The teaching materials are sent to clients / associates via the internet, an intranet within the company or an extranet.

ELaaS includes hosting of the e-learning platform, access via the internet, 24 x 7 x 365 support, content management in cooperation with the client and partnership with third party providers, training for the IT and HR Departments, and for platform users.

BPC™ E-Learning offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensures a high level of system availability (99.99%).


Large and medium-sized companies irrespective of the business sector they operate in, that need to provide employees or in-house / external associates with easy online access to learning materials.

Potential clients include businesses in the healthcare and education sectors, public organisations, multinationals, retailers with large franchise networks, etc.


Clients can enjoy the benefits of BPC™ E-Learning as a Service (ELaaS) listed below:

  • Increased productivity since employees do not waste valuable time on travel and can directly access updated training materials from anywhere (office, home, mobile, tablet, etc).
  • Reduced costs and easy continuing training of sales reps, sales associates, etc. while also providing updated training materials to all.
  • Ease of delivery of classes at a time appropriate to each individual (24/7).
  • Reduced operating costs (in terms of labor costs, transport costs, and the cost of printing training materials, etc).
  • Reduced training procedure management and support costs.
  • Flexible pricing policy: All the benefits of hosting since the platform is hosted at BPC™ E-Learning Data Center.