Computer Service


Whether it is a bad drive, a damaged mainboard, or a broken LCD, BlinkingPC can make a bad situation into a solution. Our certified professionals can repair all brands of PC as well as Apple Mac Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Tablets.

Dropped your iPhone? iPad took a dive off of the table? Don't worry our experts can make your tablet or phone like new again.


Does your computer seem to not have the "umpf" to run the newest software? Does the new version of the company's critical software need more space to run on? Are you running out of space for all your stored memories? BlinkingPC can upgrade your system, making you ready to do what you do without your systems holding you back. Call today to schedule an assessment with one of our certified professionals.


Clean Virus and Spyware removal. What does this mean? This means no data loss in almost 99% of infected PCs. No unqualified tech at a big box store saying they are sorry but you must reinstall your operating system to remove the spyware. No lost days of productivity waiting for a computer to come back only to find that you have lost everything and need to start over!!! Best of all, no more slow running PC full of annoying pop-ups and ads, just a clean machine, ready to take on the next task!

Our expert service means no data loss, no loss of productivity, just a clean tuned-up, running like new PC or Mac... Guaranteed.


Wireless and Wired

Professionally engineered wireless and licensed wired network installation. Anyone can connect a wireless router; it is not that hard. However, only a pro can assess an environment, predict tough installation issues, suggest the correct solution, and create a working environment that is seamless both wired and wireless. Smooth transitions with no drops from one access point to the next, all 100% safe, secure, and stable. The network that you forget is there is the one we want you to have, hassle-free. Call Blinking PC to schedule a site survey.


Have you ever wished you could go back? Well you can if you have a backup. Unfortunately many people don't, and for them this means the loss of years of work, days or weeks of lost productivity and stress. This can be avoided with proper backups and data loss prevention systems in place. Take time to meet with one of our professionals to assess your current backup situation and take the worry out of backups with our worry free backup plans. These plans include guaranteed backups, backup audits, and recovery guarantees.

Using advanced softwares and hardware clean rooms; our data recovery technicians can recover data from virtually any drive. Even non-bootable and physically damaged drives can, many times, be completely recovered allowing you to get back to what you do as if tragedy had never struck. Call Blinking PC today to schedule a free assessment.


On-site Training
 Windows & Mac / Office / Internet / Custom Configured Systems / Workstations & Servers

If the name Excel evokes visions of an old Hyundai, or QuickBooks are the kind of books you can read in one sitting, maybe one of our professional online or onsite classes could help make you or your team speak "Computers". We offer training in almost every of the popular apps and operating systems. Call today to find out how we can help you take the mystery out of IT.

Microsoft Certified Professionals and Apple Certified Consultants on our team can help to customize a solution to make computing an asset to your business, not a liability. We can provide physical servers as well as virtual and hosted servers to provide solutions for all computing needs. Our professionals will be happy to explain the benefits we can bring to your business, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Pros.

Whether you need custom built PCs to run a specific application, want a powerhouse gaming system, or need a custom thin client to fit a specific task, BlinkingPC can build to order the right system to fit your needs. Call today to speak to a specialist to tailor a solution to fit your needs.