BPC™ Networking

A simple WiFi solution for small businesses. Are you looking to add a branded Hotspot with the ability to capture basic user information (Name, Email Etc) that you can use to promote your business.

Our service includes the customization of popup login page with your business logos and background images (if applicable), the capturing of customer information and delivery to your marketing team via emailable list.

Additionally we eliminate the poor user experience caused by users hogging bandwidth downloading large and sometimes illegal files. By throttling user bandwidth to promote better quality of service, filtering of common malicious content (both illegal and unwanted malware websites) the user experience is superior and you are helping to protect yourself and others from criminal activities. The service includes the installation of (1) wireless indoor access point (additional access points and/or outdoor models available at additional costs) wireless control server (with content filtering and user information capture), and all connections to existing internet service. Internet service provided by establishment unless other prior arrangements are made and is not included in service.

Why your establishment needs a professional solution.

Safety for you and your customers
Filtering of all types of malwares and bad links websites (like porn, cracks, etc.)
Helping to reduce the risk of legal issues surrounding illegal web activities
Efficient browsing. Each client has a limited but "clean" bandwidth
Every client who connects to the network is a captured audience. The client is redirected to a branded login page which requires a Name, Email Etc and the acceptance of the terms of service.
After logon the user is automatically redirected to a promotional page which can be anything of the establishment’s choice, from promotions, to menus, to Youtube videos, these options are only limited by your imagination.

So what are the details, what is this going to cost?

Our complete package includes all the hardware needed to provide WiFi access to your customers, this includes (1) indoor long range wireless access point (other options are available at additional costs). One access point works for 90% of cafes and small restaurants.
The wireless controller which provides content filtering and guest services hosting; this is the heart of the system that is custom programmed by BPC Networking to provide the best user experience and ROI for your establishment.
Your complete solution would not be complete without professional installation of equipment, customization of login portal with your company info, redirection of users to your own customized advertisement portal. But what is a promotion if it never is updated and not dynamic? Because of this we offer upto one change on promotional page per month included with service.

But what does it cost?

Nothing upfront… and the service and all hardware is 100% guaranteed. No parts to pay for, no design or setup costs or future repair costs.

Our system is sold as a service, we design a custom portal with your business logo and/or background images, create a custom landing page with promotions (that we change for you up to once a month), setup and professionally install the access point and configure two wireless networks.
One network for your guests with the captive portal described and one secured network that can be used for secured network access. This secured network can be used for Network Printers, POS systems, iPads used on POS systems, and much more.
Monthly we deliver the collected guest information in a user friendly format that you can use to market your business.

Monthly investment: $199.99

12 month commitment with a 3 month (or remaining term if less than 3 months) early termination penalty.

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