Seeing the need, PLM and PCM were designed to fill a market need. The first area of need is the Real State market and soon to follow in other market segments.All segments analyzed had the same need. The need to converge and centralize contacts, classifying them into levels and separating customers. Contacts are separated by those that actually already made purchases with the company and the contacts that are potential customers, suppliers, other service providers or friends and family. This gave rise to the PCM module - Protagon Contact Manager.

The initial plan was to create the PLM module - Pipeline Leads Manager, with the advantage being it's simplicity, this would make it's benefits obvious. But we are completely unprepared for even in the simplest question. Having contacts in a simple online database. After the development of PCM mentioned above then started the actual "main" project the development of PLM.

the endThe PLM module is now a system to handle all contacts, qualify them, filter them through the stages of the pipeline. It works as follows, the primary user of PLM or the secondary client, both can fillthe PLM with contacts (Leads). The system is a funnel that caters to all type of contact to be qualified. After the first basic registration, the contact is refined (qualified). This process will occur several times and at different levels until the contact / lead becomes a customer. Ie make business with the main client PLM, the database owner.

The phases or stages of pre-qualification of Leads were taken from a concept developed by "Steven Tulman - Chief Revenue Officer at UNOapp & Digital." The concept was summarized in N.U.B.I.T. and is based in Need, Uniquiness, Budget, Influence Level and Timeline. Now incorporated into the PLM is one of the 05 steps of filtering, qualification of leads in the system routine.

The system is in Beta phase only test for internal use within the Santini International Group and will be available to the market in the second half of 2015 commercially.