Anti-virus As A Service

Anti-virus As A Service is reliable and comprehensive antivirus protection by subscription. Sign up and pay for the service monthly.
Users' benefits

  1. Easy to sign up, easy to pay
    Just activate the service in your personal account and get charged the same way you pay for the Internet.
  2. Licensed protection
    By enabling Anti-Virus As A Service in your personal account, you get licensed, up-to-date protection with no functional limitations or need to browse for suspicious keys on the web. With Anti-Virus As A Service, you only pay and we take care of your computer protection. You are free to focus in your main target, your work.
  3. Safe online experience
    Anti-Virus As A Service protection means accurate virus detection without false positives and effective malware clean-up.
    Anti-Virus As A Service keeps your photos, documents and emails safe from theft and exposure on the Internet.

How does Anti-Virus As A Service protect its users online?

  • Safeguarding private data;
    With Anti-Virus As A Service installed, your pictures, documents and emails will never end up in the wrong hands;
  • Safe online payments;
    Cyber thieves cannot steal your credit card details since the Anti-Virus As A Service prevents data leaks and blocks spyware activity;
  • Your identity stays safe online;
    Anti-Virus As A Service defends your online life from identity theft, by storing sensitive data like login and password in a digital safe box;
    Forget system crashes and slowdowns;
    Anti-Virus As A Service (AAAS) eliminates system errors and slowdowns related to virus activity by blocking all malware attempts in the first place